Exclusive Operator Event at Executive Refreshments

Join us at an exciting exclusive event that brings together cutting-edge innovations from Lightspeed and Parlevel, hosted by 365 Retail Markets in collaboration with Executive Refreshments. This gathering is set to be a pivotal moment for operators in the vending services industry, especially those looking to enhance their offerings in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

*Tickets at the door*

Date: Monday, May 6th
Time: 11am – 3pm
Location: 13707 Gamma Rd, Farmers Branch, TX 75244

About 365 Retail Markets

365 Retail Markets stands as the global leader in self-service convenience technology, specializing in the development of 24/7 unmanned self-checkout systems that have significantly impacted the MicroMarket industry. The company offers a sophisticated point-of-service platform that integrates Micro Market, vending, mobile, and dining technologies, tailored to suit any business or location. Each strategic partnership with 365 Retail Markets benefits from customized technology solutions, comprehensive marketing and engagement services, and the support of a dedicated and seasoned team committed to enhancing the operational success of every partner.

Executive Refreshments

Executive Refreshments is committed to excellence in the vending services industry by forming strategic partnerships with industry-leading companies such as 365 Retail Markets. These collaborations allow Executive Refreshments to offer state-of-the-art vending solutions and innovative technologies to businesses throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area. By leveraging the advanced capabilities and extensive expertise of companies like 365 Retail Markets, Executive Refreshments ensures its clients receive the most efficient, modern, and reliable vending services available, enhancing the overall customer experience and meeting the dynamic needs of today’s workplaces.

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At Executive Refreshments, we set up and maintain Vending Micro Markets for companies throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Area that transform their break rooms, help boost company morale, and gives them a new way to attract new talent.

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