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Benefits of Vending Machines in Schools: Enhancing Student Experience

In an educational setting, it’s very important to enhance the student experience. We need to make sure that students and staff are always in the right frame of mind to teach and learn. This can mean ensuring there are proper snack and drink options to fuel their day, which is why vending machines in schools can pose a number of distinct advantages:


Access to Healthy Foods

Having vending machines stocked with nutritious snacks can be invaluable because while most people think of vending machines as being easy access to sugary or salty snacks and fizzy drinks, many machines come full of healthy treats.

The benefit of having a vending machine is that you can have control over what goes into your machine, and from the perspective of a school, this will ensure schools have a variety of healthy food and drinks to choose from, including healthy cereals, yogurt, fruit, and water.

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Improving Focus

A lesser-spoken-of component of having vending machines in schools is that you can provide access to healthier food options, and this means a more positive impact on students. Having better food options can have a positive impact on students’ focus because they are feeding themselves the right nutrients to support their learning and meet their nutritional needs, which supports their overall health and well-being, which will have a positive effect on their overall academic performance.

Having access to vending machines can be very useful in between classes, as a healthy snack en route to another lesson reduces distractions that come from hunger. We’ve all been there and have stared at the clock waiting for lunchtime, meaning we don’t pay attention to the teacher, but instead, focused on what wonders awaited us in the cafeteria. Access to snacks can be an excellent morale booster because it keeps students refreshed throughout the day, meaning they will be more ready to learn.

Any teacher will tell you one of the biggest battles is keeping children engaged, and therefore if they have a more consistent energy level rather than having the peaks and troughs that come with hunger, there will be a far more engaged classroom.


A Convenient Solution

Having carefully placed vending machines around the school can benefit in a number of different ways:

Convenience for the Students

Students involved in extracurricular activities may find they do not have time to queue up for lunch, while also those who are spending long days in the school need access to quick and convenient food options, which is where vending machines can be invaluable.

Convenience for the Teachers

As teachers may have a big workload and not necessarily have the time to sit down and have lunch in the cafeteria, a quick and easy food source might be exactly what they need.

Having access to a vending machine rather than having to join in the long queues will increase their productivity in numerous ways, meaning they will be able to get on top of their workloads and stay focused, while also feeling refreshed and ready for the afternoon lessons.

If a school provides a variety of foods in a vending machine for the benefit of the teaching staff, they are more likely to feel appreciative because their well-being is being catered for too, which means they will be better motivated to perform more effectively in the classroom.

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Reducing Queues

Vending machines can also benefit schools because they can minimize the lunchtime rush.

When schools are home to a large number of students, it’s highly likely there are busy queues during peak times, meaning that children who are doing extracurricular activities during lunch are not able to get the food they want and eat it in time to get back for the afternoon.

Lunch will always be busy in any school, but vending machines can minimize the rush to the cafeteria.

Increases Choice

Because many children and teachers can find themselves growing bored of the same meals on offer, having a vending machine with different types of food can make a big difference in the notion of choice. When there are more things to choose from, it’s going to make lunch times far less predictable.

The Financial Benefits

Vending machines can provide different financial benefits as well:

A Lower Price Option

Every student and staff member will always want something that is good value for money, and offering a variety of healthy foods at a reasonable price can make it a far more appealing option for teaching staff and students.

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Can Generate Additional Revenue

Vending machines can contribute to providing extra income for schools, for example, by supporting various programs, activities, and health initiatives, and can be a compelling factor for schools.

What’s more, the extra income can be used to fund aspects of the school that may have potentially suffered from a budget cut. This could mean the difference between having one type of extracurricular activity and not having it. Overall, this can create financial independence that benefits both students and staff.

The School Decides What Goes in the Vending Machine

Vending machines can have a bad rap because of the potential to be stocked with unhealthy foods and snacks; however, schools have the power over which snacks to stock in vending machines. In the USA, schools can choose snacks that meet federal guidelines such as those outlined in the Smart Snacks in School standards set by the USDA, which require snacks to be low in sodium, sugar, and fat.

Schools can also consider the cost and profit margins of certain vending machine products, choosing to balance nutritional value, cost-effectiveness, and popularity to ensure that vending machines make a positive contribution to school life.

Additionally, choosing the right types of foods can also cater to dietary restrictions, which is pivotal in modern schools because of the variety of food allergies and intolerances.

To enhance the student experience, a vending machine will make all the difference, and with a variety of benefits including different product options, the machines being easy to set up and maintain, and as well as the above benefits, you can see just how a vending machine can do an awful lot in a school setting.

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