How to Improve Job Satisfaction and Increase Employee Engagement By Implementing a Breakroom Solution

We know that job satisfaction is improving. Surveys show that approximately 49% of employees are happy with their work, with that figure increasing for those in more senior positions. However, employee engagement is still falling, dropping from 40% in 2020 to 33% in 2023

For this reason, companies still have room to improve. But what strategies should they adopt for a positive workplace culture? That’s what we discuss in this post. We explore cutting-edge options for forward-thinking companies – everything from office break rooms to vending machines. By the end, you should have a clearer picture of what to do to improve employee satisfaction and engagement. 

Improve Onsite Break Room Facilities

One option is to ensure staff aren’t hungry. A UNISON survey found that anti-snack workplace policies in a national health service led to more than 78% of night workers and 59% of daytime staff being hungry and thirsty, affecting work quality. 

Therefore, office managers are looking for solutions that don’t require running a twenty-four-seven canteen. These include: 

  • Office Micro Markets. Micro Markets deliver a handy retail solution, providing your staff high-quality, fresh, and healthy meals, snacks, and beverage options. 
  • Office vending machines. Vending machines provide snacks on-demand at low cost, making them suitable for virtually any office. Furthermore, they don’t require scale to deliver decent returns. 
  • Office coffee service. Office coffee service is a great way to enable workers to get that much-needed boost whenever they need it. 
  • Office pantry service. Office Pantry services keep your office well-stocked with various food items, giving employees options. While vending machine snacks might contain plenty of calories, they might not provide workers with the type of sustenance they want. 
  • Office water and ice service. Water and ice services provide colleagues access to cool water throughout the day, with unlimited refills.

Executive Refreshments can provide all these services, helping you generate a positive workplace culture. Putting these systems in place gives employees the variety they need to avoid hunger or thirst during shifts. 

Implementing Quality Workplace Nourishment Options

Ready to take the plunge and incorporate quality snack and meal options into your workplace? Here’s how you can do it successfully:

Assess Employee Preferences

Conduct a survey to understand what kinds of foods and drinks your employees would like to have available to them. Be sure to consider dietary restrictions and preferences, such as gluten-free, vegan, or keto options.

Partner with the Right Providers

Select vendors who can offer a wide variety of high-quality, fresh, and appealing food options at a range of price points. Be sure to consider how the food will be stocked, maintained, and restocked, especially with perishable items.

Create a Pleasant Nourishment Space

Whether it’s a dedicated break room or a cozy nook, the space where the food is provided should be inviting and sanitized, with ample seating and natural light if possible.

The Evolution of Workplace Food Options

For decades, the office canteen or vending machines were the go-to options for workplace nourishment, instilling a ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ mentality among employees. But as we become more health-conscious and as dietary restrictions become more prevalent, workplace food options have evolved to meet the nuanced needs of the workforce.

From Vending Machines to Micro Markets

Vending machines are getting smarter and more versatile, offering a wider array of healthy and customizable snacks. Micro markets, however, are the next step in vending evolution. These self-service spaces provide a variety of fresh foods, artisanal snacks, and healthier beverage options, giving employees the flexibility and choice they crave.


Having read this article, you should have a better idea of how to improve workers’ job satisfaction and engagement levels by implementing a well thought vending strategy for your business. Solutions range from simple changes, like adding vending machines and office coffee service, to more complex approaches, like Office Micro Markets. Working on multiple strategies is more likely to yield the positive workplace culture you want.

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