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Are you looking for ways to provide valuable perks to your office employees in Fort Worth, TX, or the surrounding area? Vending services keep your staff supplied with food and drink to keep them going throughout the day. Give them access to their favorite refreshments during their breaks and at other times when they may be looking for a pick-me-up or healthy nourishment while at work.

Vending services can include a choice of food and beverage perks to offer employees. Vending machines, pantries, coffee stations, and water coolers are all ways to deliver benefits that your office workers are sure to appreciate.

The Benefits of Providing Vending Machine Services in Your Fort Worth Office

Almost a third of companies now provide free snacks for their employees, while almost half of office workers consume snacks or beverages provided by their employer every day. The majority of companies (81%) also offer free coffee to their staff. But what’s the benefit of providing drinks and snacks to employees, whether they’re free or paid for?

Vending services can have a range of benefits for both employees and employers. From offering easy access to water to having full pantries of food, it’s a perk that more and more employees look for.

Employee Retention

Employee attraction and retention are key reasons to consider offering food and drink services in your office. Some surveys have shown that employees value perks such as snacks and are even willing to switch to a new job if such perks are offered. Many employers actively make food and beverage provisions a part of their retention strategy, recognizing that it helps to keep their employees happy during the day.

Some of the reasons employees appreciate this type of perk is that it helps them save money and can mean they avoid a drop in energy in the afternoon. One study revealed that 35% of employees saved an average of $20 per week when their employer introduced a snacking program. The same study even showed that employee happiness increased by 11% after the introduction of free food.

Employee Satisfaction

A big part of employee retention is employee satisfaction. However, employee satisfaction is also important for productivity and ensuring good outcomes. If employees aren’t satisfied, it’s difficult to keep them engaged. One survey found that in-office perks such as food or a bar were more important to many workers than other benefits, such as on-site childcare. One in two employees says that food-based perks make them more satisfied with their employer. Meanwhile, many hours of productivity are lost due to employees going out to get drinks and food.

Types of Office Food and Beverage Services

If you’re considering adding the perk of food and beverage services to your office in Fort Worth, there are several options you could consider. In addition to office vending machines, you also have the option of providing a coffee service, pantry, or water filtration. Each of these options can provide valuable services for your employees.

Micro Markets

Are you an office manager or business owner in the Fort Worth area looking for innovative ways to enhance your workplace? Office micro markets could be the solution you’ve been seeking. These self-service retail spaces offer a variety of fresh food, beverages, and snacks right within your office environment. Unlike traditional vending machines, micro markets provide a broader selection and a more engaging experience for employees, contributing to increased workplace satisfaction and productivity.

Implementing a micro market in your office is straightforward and offers numerous advantages. Employees can enjoy convenient access to healthy meal options without leaving the office, reducing downtime and promoting a healthier lifestyle. With a micro market, you can offer a range of products tailored to your team’s preferences, from gourmet coffee to fresh salads and wholesome snacks. This not only boosts morale but also positions your company as a forward-thinking, employee-centric organization.

Ready to create a more vibrant and productive workspace? Partner with Executive Refreshments to set up a Micro Market tailored to your office’s needs. Enjoy the convenience, variety, and enhanced workplace culture that come with this modern amenity. Transform your Fort Worth office into a hub of efficiency and employee satisfaction with the simple addition of an office micro market.

Vending Machines

Vending machines in your workplace are a fantastic perk to offer employees, and they can even be useful for visitors. They can be placed in different areas of the workplace, whether in a break room or staff room or in a more open area such as a corridor or lobby.

Today’s vending machines make a number of payment methods possible for ultimate convenience. Employees can pay using cash, card, or contactless mobile payment.

Vending machines can be filled with almost anything you like too. Typical snacks like chips or chocolate could be stocked, but there are also healthier options that you can offer in your office vending machine. In addition to snacks, you can even stock sandwiches or other more substantial meal options. Of course, drinks are also an option for vending machines, whether it’s cold drinks in bottles or hot drinks poured into cups.

Vending machines are a great option if you are low on space and looking for a compact solution to provide your office workers with food and drink. They can easily be slotted into spare space wherever it can be found. Due to their shape, they don’t take up much floor space and instead make the most of the vertical space that is available.


Coffee Service

Providing a coffee service is one of the most common and popular ways to deliver a perk to office employees. Drinking coffee during the working day is standard for many office workers, and they are likely to expect that coffee will be available at work. Employers might consider offering a paid option for coffee, but many also provide free coffee for their employees.

Quality coffee machines are an easy and convenient option. They ensure hot coffee, as well as other hot drinks, are always immediately available. You can provide a wide selection of options, giving employees different brands and styles of coffee, as well as hot water, hot chocolate, or other options. Executive Refreshments supplies your workplace with single cup coffees, ground coffees and fresh teas from brands like Starbucks®, Seattle’s Best®, Folgers®, Alterra®, Dunkin’ Donuts® and many more. We even have Estate Reserve®, which is our own, custom line of 100% Arabica coffees ground from fresh, quality coffee beans.


Pantry Service

A pantry service offers an alternative to vending machines. It gives employees the freedom to choose the food and beverages they like at their leisure. Instead of having vending machines, they can pick the items they want from shelves or perhaps refrigerators.

A pantry will typically take up more space than a vending machine, but employees can appreciate them for their flexibility. They are trusted to choose and pay for what they want, and they can get a closer look at the items they might want to buy. It can also allow employers to create a familial atmosphere at work.


Water Filtration

If you’re not sure where to start with providing food and beverage options for employees, office water filtration services are a good idea. Water is a basic right and everyone needs to stay hydrated. Making it easy for your employees to top up their water bottles or grab a cup of water when they need one is a simple thing to do for them.

Water dispensers are compact and can be placed just about anywhere in the office. Encourage the use of reusable bottles and cups for a more eco-friendly approach to water coolers.

Office Vending Services in the Fort Worth Area

Enhance your Fort Worth area office by adding vending services or other food and beverage perks. Get the right perks for your office in Arlington, Watauga, Haltom City, River Oaks, Hackberry, Highland Village, Garland, or other cities in the region.

Vending services, pantry services, coffee services, and water filtration can all be customized to suit the needs of your office. The service provider will consult with you to ensure the stock matches your preferences. If you’re not sure what to provide, we can help you choose from our vast options. Of course, you can always get their opinions through a survey or another method of feedback.

There are several factors you might want to consider when deciding which services could work for your office.

  • Space — If your office is limited in terms of space, you might consider a vending machine or possibly a smaller pantry setup. Water and coffee can be simpler options to provide too.
  • Employee needs — Consider the needs of your employees, when they typically take breaks and for how long, and perhaps whether they are looking for a healthier range of items.
  • Food and beverage options – Think about what options you can offer in different setups. A pantry makes it easier to offer a wide variety of meals, while vending machines are perfect for smaller snacks.

When you choose a vending services provider in Fort Worth, you also benefit from complete management of your chosen setup. Executive Refreshments will restock your items for you, ensuring they are delivered on time so that your employees always have their favorite options on hand.

Improve employee satisfaction and retention with office vending services in Fort Worth, Texas. Find your perfect office food and beverage solution today with Executive Refreshments.

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