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Micro Markets
In DFW Metroplex

The most convenient micro market available in your workplace. Employees can simply grab their favorite snacks or healthy food, pay using an easy-to-use kiosk or mobile device and get back to enjoying their break.

Elevate your business with Micromart™ Smart Stores

Plug & play, secure and modular micro market technology that simply works.

an easy shopping experience


Tap, swipe or insert your card to pre-authorize and unlock the door.


Browse products with ease. The product recognition sensors automatically detect what you take out.


Receive a receipt soon after you close the door. You will only be charged for items taken.

Level up to a secure and smart Micro Market

The Micromart™ complete solution and prevent shrink at half the Capex of vending machines.

Proven Technology You can Count on

Orders processed
200 +
Smart Stores in North America
50 +
Product recognition accuracy
40 %
Service uptime
30 +

Our AI-Powered Technology Provides the Ultimate Convenience

AI Product Recognition

Start selling products right away without lengthy AI image recognition training.

Digital Price Tags

Update prices, push promotions remotely and see them instantly reflected in your Micromart™ store.

Digital Ad Displays

Wow your customers with video content to promote your products and showcase promotions.

Secured Smart Lock

Secure your store with the anti-theft smart lock. Door unlocks once a valid credit card is provided.

All-In-One Payment System

Multiple ways to pay. Simply tap, swipe, insert or use the Micromart™ app to unlock.

Modular Store Layout

Plug & play pantry, fridge and freezer that will elevate any space with intuitive and innovative design.

Build your store to fit your space

Combine and customize our Smart Pantry, Fridge, Freezer.

A convenient mobile app to build customer loyalty

Engage your customers and build retention by integrating your brand in the Micromart™ app.

Upgrade Your Breakroom

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