Breakroom & Cleaning Supplies

At Executive Refreshments we don’t stop at water, coffee and snacks! We also keep your kitchens and breakrooms stocked with disposable dishware and utensils, cleaning supplies, condiments and more.


Your break room is the hub of your company’s culture. Keep it stocked with the essential items your team needs! We carry an array of items including disposable cups, plasticware, paper plates and bowls, coffee straws, stirring sticks and more! Don’t waste time shopping with multiple retailers. Executive Refreshments has everything you need for a well-supplied break room!


Our breakroom supplies don’t stop at lunch! We offer a wide selection of cleaning essentials too, like name brand paper towels and napkins, cleaning solutions such as Windex and Clorox wipes, trash bags, dish soaps and more. And, our selection isn’t the only thing that’s great! Our on-time delivery makes shopping with Executive Refreshments even sweeter!

Breakroom & Cleaning Supplies

Our dedicated and friendly staff at Executive Refreshments will visit your vicinity on regular basis to organize and merchandise your breakroom and cleaning supplies.